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Seattle is an all time fun place to visit. There are plenty of things to do and great places to see. When visitors come to the area, they will want to take advantage of the tours that are offered in and around the area. Many people that are living in Seattle also take tours so that they can learn more about the area that they reside in. One of the best kinds of tours that people can take is a boat tour on the many beautiful waters in and around the city.

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So Many Options of Boat Tours To Choose From
The boat tours are fantastic in Seattle, Washington. The area is surrounded by water. The ocean and the rivers provide quite a lot of water that is available for boat tours. People love to take them while they are in town for a visit. Here are 5 great options to consider for boat tours that a person will be able to enjoy:

1. Victoria Clipper – People love to take the day trip from Seattle to Victoria. It is a wonderful time on the boat and they can experience it all. It’s a relaxing and comfortable ride that many people enjoy. Since they are able to spend a day on the waters, they must dress for it. It’s a good idea to check the weather report so that they bring along a coat or jacket so that they can stay warm.

2. Harbor Cruise – The Seattle Harbor cruise is narrated. It lasts one-hour along the harbor. This is the time that many people can learn a lot about the area by listening. People love this cruise because it gives them prime opportunities for taking photographs. Since it is not very long, they are able to do other things too.

3. Whale Watching – Whale watching is a great time on Friday Harbor. People love this experience for many reasons. Having the opportunity to see whales up close is a fascinating time and people of all ages really enjoy it. Both adults and children have a great time when they take this opportunity to whale watch. They will want to take many pictures while they are enjoying it.

4. Sightseeing And Cocktail Cruise – Taking a trip on the sightseeing and cocktail cruise is memorable. There are many awesome aspects of this cruise. It is something that allows people to also meet others. Since learning about Seattle is something that many people find interesting, people will enjoy this whether they live in the area or are visiting it.

5. Sailing Adventure – Taking a private sailing adventure of Puget Sound is another popular way to enjoy the waters. Seattle is gorgeous from a boat and a relaxing trip on a sailboat is something that is memorable for many people. Sailing is something that creates an atmosphere for many people that is quite extraordinary. They are at peace out on the waters and they find that they feel in touch with nature when they take this type of boat cruise.

Preparing For A Boat Tour
It is a good idea to make reservations for the tours in advance. This is so there are seats for everyone in the group. In many cases, ordering tickets online can alleviate any wait time in lines when arriving because nobody likes to wait. Most people have their plans made ahead of time when they are planning out their visit.

What To Wear On A The Tour?
It is important that a person wears the proper clothing when going out on the water in the Pacific Northwest area. The area will be cold on the water almost all times of the year. There are four seasons in Seattle but dressing right for the weather conditions is necessary. People should also bring along their cell phones for emergencies and for picture taking opportunities, any snacks that they may need, a water bottle, and a credit card when they are taking the boat tours. Life jackets are supplied for every person on a boat tour but it’s important to keep an eye on others in their group, especially if they cannot swim.

Costs Of The Tours
The costs will vary as per which boat tour a person will take. The information about the prices will be found on their websites. Prices are usually subject to changes so it is a good idea to check in advance when booking a water tour. Experiencing a boat tour is worth the costs. It’s one of those, when you are in the right time and the right place, take the opportunity type of things. There is a lot to enjoy by water and people love the boating experiences that they can have. All of the boat tours are worth their money and there are plenty to choose from. Seattle is known for its boat tours and the great experiences people can have for the money that they cost.

Experiencing the fun and excitement of tours on the water is something that many people know will be beneficial to them. They not only know that they will have a great time seeing all the sights but they will also enjoy a lot of fun in the waters. People that love boat tours will also meet other people that love to enjoy life to its fullest. When experiencing the Emerald City by boat, people are impressed with a city that they will fall in love with for sure.